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El Mosquit restaurant

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restaurant table

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Restaurant El Mosquit

Situated at 1750 metres in the heart of the village of El Tarter (Andorra), where, after a day of ski-ing it won't be necessary to use your car. A small local supermarket (50 metres away) will be able to supply you with the basics before you go in search of our magical nights.

You will be welcomed into a warm atmosphere, Irish-pub style wooden decoration, bottle green, decorative jars (an Irish pub!)

You will have the chance to chat in several languages, at the very least English, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Flamand, French, Brazilian at the very least.

The kitchen, which is open every day from 12 noon to 1am non-stop will be able to satisfy your hunger at any time.

moules frites!

A full and varied menu will guide you onto the pathways of discovery with classic cooking, moutain recipes, original and exotic dishes, italian, tex-mex, Belgian and specialities that will send all five of your senses into orbit.

For those of an indecisive nature, two set menus are offered (14.90 and 21.90)

The dessert menu will delight the sweetest of the sweet-toothed, our cigar cellar (?) worthy of the most epicurian 'Fidel' will transport you to the Cuban and Dominican limbos.

The wide variety of teas, infusions and coffees will be excellent additions to the digestion of this first part of the evening.

shoulder of lamb

Just to whet your appetite, here is a list of the best-sellers in our repertoire- shoulder of lamb, beef carpaccio, pineapple carpaccio, chicken breast with goat's cheese, bourguignonne fondue, fondue Savoyarde, the killer burger of death (?), raclette, duck in orange sauce, duck leg confite, cassoulet, burritos, tournedos Rossini, American tapas, roast chicken, grilled meat (T-bone, rump and rib steaks), and these aren't even the best. (If you don't believe it come and see for yourself.

Advised by our Restaurant Manager, and inspired by Bacchus, you will have exclusive access to our international wine list (impressive huh?)

So, in conclusion, this is a restaurant high in the mountains, friendly, affordable, perfect for snacks as well as huge meals.

Welcome and, of course, enjoy your meal.

PS: Almost all of our dishes can be taken away or delivered (within the area of El Tarter only, sorry).