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Bar El Mosquit, Andorra

Champagne !

Bodega El Mosquit, Andorra

Tapas Bar, Bodega El Mosquit

The place to be at the end of the afternoon and evenings in Tarter, Andorra.

The ambience, the warm welcome, the festive spirit and above all the 'Happy Hour' (every day from 5.30pm 7pm in Winter, 6.30pm 8pm in Summer) will lighten even the worst, most stressful day, because life in Tarter starts from 5pm.

The energy, craziness and sheer madness of the eclectic team (let's not be afraid to admit it) will warm the multi-national atmosphere.

You'll find yourself moving to the rhythm of the music, varied according to the mood of the moment.

The cocktails, the liqueurs, the incredible variety of whiskies, alcohol in general as well as a very honourable wine cellar and Champagnes will provide many guides to the etherial discovery of the senses.

The very reasonable prices, and the service which encourages, usually, a boisterous atmosphere even without the staff, who will be delighted to accompany for part of your journey into discovery.

The only limt is your imagination, how to combine the alcohol, the soft drinks and the tapas.

Yes, there are also non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails perfection can never be achieved without some concessions can it?

For those who like to play an equally agreable atmosphere can be found around the pool table and the dart boards, where, as everywhere would-be Paul Newman and Tom Cruises will try to relive the film 'The Color of Silver' or to be a modern William Tell.

Come visit us and join us for our baptism of orphan glasses! Perhaps an explanation is in order. We have discovered, recently, a motley assortment of orphan glasses. We've decided that the most humanitarian solution is to form an association of glass baptisers. Yes, wonderful isn't it?

Welcome to the A.U.B.G (Alcoholics Unanimous Baptisers of Glasses)

We look forward to seeing you soon for the next meeting

The Management